Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My First Class Wife (unofficially)

We are pleased to announce that the on-line degree class calculator has predicted Mrs Yvonne Lloyd DipABRSM, BA in Music with honours to-be a first class degree. Praise her not only in the gates but also in cyber space!

How things have changed: we had to cycle down to the Examination Schools to find out our class of degree by looking on a big blackboard they put up in the street and if you were lucky your tutor would eventually write to you with the alpha, betas and gammas, plusses and minuses, which of course you didn’t know what they meant. I remember when I phoned up for my Prelims results (as I was away on holiday) and a stern man said, “Mr Lloyd, you have satisfied the examiners.”. “So, I’ve passed?”, I replied! “Goodbye, Mr Lloyd.” Now you look up your results on the interweb and you can’t see anyone else’s’.

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ros said...

I had to phone my tutor for my finals results so I never did the thing of reading the board outside exam schools. But I only found out the marks for individual papers a couple of years ago when I had to get a 'transcript' (which obviously Oxford don't do) for my Westminster application.