Sunday, June 24, 2007

Most Moved Mover

Well, we’ve moved. We’re nearly fully unpacked. Our stuff seems to have survived. There was one chipped wine glass, a broken mug handle and a bent mop, but we are basically unscathed. Next time I think we’ll leave the packing to the professionals and the invoice to the Church of England. We’ve emptied most of the boxes too, so we urgently need Pickfords to come and take them away. Thankfully our time in the smallest flat in Oak Hill has fitted us for lots of shimmying past ill placed objects in confined spaces.

Many many thanks are due to the good people of Holy Trinity, Eastbourne, who have kindly given the curate’s house a major face lift. We were even left some provisions (in a gift wrapped box that Mrs Lloyd has earmarked for the future cat!). We were delighted with the big box of Quality Street and even more delighted when it turned out to be an extremely yummy Victoria sponge. If the baker would care to reveal himself, the curate would be most happy to pop round for more tea.

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