Friday, April 13, 2007

Theological Plain Speaking Campaign

Is this the kind of pseudo-intellectual theologising (from Aichele, Sign, Text, Scripture, p19) up with which we should not put:

"In this book I continue the ‘reading from outside’ … which I first described in The Limits of Story as ‘concrete theology’:

Concrete theology as a deconstructive theology must reveal its proper non-presence in the dispersed materiality and violence of inscription, in a dissemination beyond historical univocity or structural polysemy, in a fundamental (but never original) undecidability… In order to exceed the limits, theology must uncover the not-itself which lies unnamed at its center, its hidden eccentricity and non-identity: it must become concrete (Aichele, 1985: 138-39.)

If I may venture a rather hasty conclusion, Concrete theology seems like Brick-wall theology – as in “banging your head against a” - to me!

Mr Aichele is no doubt very clever and terribly eminent, and I’m probably just being stupid and childish and impatient and terribly unscholarly, not to say a little uncharitable, but that's a paragraph that makes me want to give up! Or maybe, perhaps, to try to do better.

A reminder of the need for theological plain speaking in the service of the church? A theology you could pray and preach and sing? And understand.

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