Friday, April 13, 2007

In praise of Interlinear Bibles

Maybe there's some sort of comfort here for those of us who haven't really progressed beyond inter-linear Bibles:

For Benjamin, the optimal confrontation of source and target text takes the form of an interlinear version of the scriptures, ‘in which literalness and freedom are united’ (Benjamin, Illuminations, 1968:82). … In the space between the parallel lines of the two texts, the translation and its original are united in a ‘true langauge’ without the mediation of meaning (Benjamin 1968:77)…. Yet this space of the interlinear text is utopian and uninhabitable; it is a sacred space, untouchable (Derrida, The Ear of the Other,1985:115)…. For Benjamin, the literal, interlinear juxtaposition of texts reveals a ‘pure’ or ‘true’ language lying behind or within all actual languages… (1968:79)

Aichele, George, Sign, Text, Scripture: Semiotics and the Bible (Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997) pp44-45

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