Thursday, April 05, 2007

Au revoir

The wife and I are off to Durham for a few days to stay with her parents and little brother. We thought it was the least we could do as we’re soon to move about as far away as possible without leaving the mainland.

On the way we’re stopping off in Harogate for tea with Mrs Lloyd’s grandmother. Tea is a meal served at 5pm in the north which substitutes for all other meals thereafter, I’m told. I’m fearful of feeling rather faint by breakfast, so we might take some emergency rations.

In Durham we’re going to be pretty busy celebrating my birthday (6th – that is, on the 6th, not, I’m going to be six). But we might just find time to go to Lindisfarne. Apparently its not just an old monastry on a dinky island but a castle and a number of pubs and cafes too.

We’re not quite sure where we’ll go to church on Sunday. We might accompany Mrs Lloyd’s mother to Durham City Baptist Church. Though Mrs Lloyd’s father is apparently opening a new church somewhere, so if he’s up for having groupies we might tag along. I’d like to hear the good Bishop, who is preaching and presiding at the Sung Eucharist and Baptism at 11:15am in the Cathedral. There seems to be a 5am Easter vigil for the super holy. I hope to be soundly asleep. Alternatively, there’s Christ Church, Durham. Or maybe a jaunt to Jesmond Parish Church.

Happy easter!


Neil said...

It'll be quite a long jaunt if you're off to Jesmond, as it's in Newcastle, not Durham!

dave williams said...


Just to let you know -if you are having tea as in the Northern pattern of eating then in some parts of the North it doesn't have to substitute for other meals later on in the day so a reasonable pattern might be

Breakfast (7:00am)
Dinner (12:00pm)
Tea (5:00pm)
Supper 9:00pm onwards

Supper is a suitably carbohydrate rich snack to keep you going through the night