Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day All Age Family Service and Holy Communion as Jesus' Birthday Party

Some jottings:

Prayer Book: The nativity of our Lord, or the Birth-Day of Christ, Commonly called Christmas Day

Jesus’ birth day

Our service as Jesus’ Birthday Party!

Luke 2:8-20

Matthew 2:1-12

The guest lists

Who gets a party invitation?

Shepherds – local no bodies

Wise Men – international somebodies

RSVP – respond to Jesus’ invitation

The presents

Gifts fit for a king

Time, money, effort – ourselves, our hearts, trust / loyalty

The cake – candles - 2017

Jesus’ life and death

Jesus alive today

Happy Birthday to Jesus!

(Party games

-        Pin the tail on the donkey / Jesus in the manger

-        Pass the parcel

-        Musical chairs – no room at the inn

-        Charades – really incarnate, not play acting

The party bag – more important than anything we might give Jesus, what he gives us: salvation, peace, joy, purpose, the gift of his Holy Spirit etc.

Eucharist – Jesus’ party tea! Jesus often at meals / talking about the Kingdom / heaven as a party etc. The Lord’s Supper as a foretaste of heaven

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