Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On trusting our English Bibles

Whilst I am all for the important work of textual criticism and the best possible translations, this is a useful reminder from Peter Wegner:

“It is important to keep in perspective that fact that only a very small part of the text [of the Bible] is in question – approximately 10 percent of the Old Testament and 7 percent of the New Testament. Of these, most variants make little difference to the meaning of any passage, as Douglas Stuart explains: “It is fair to say that the verses, chapters, and books of the Bible would read largely the same, and would leave the same impressions with the reader, even if one adopted virtually every possible alternative reading to those now serving as the basis for current English translations.””

A Student’s Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2006). 298, citing Douglas Stuart, “Inerrancy and Textual Criticism” in Inerrancy and Common Sense, ed. Roger R. Nicole and J. Ramsey Michaels (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1980), p98. Piper, A Peculiar Glory, p83

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