Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Romans 9 - a handout

A first draft for a sermon I hope to preach on 21st August:

Romans 9 (p1135): But have God’s promises to Israel failed?

8:28-39 – The certainty of God’s promises and purposes

Paul imagines a heckler asking: “But what about God’s promises to and purposes for Israel? Have they failed? Can God really be trusted to do as he says?”

(Implied) Question 1: Has God’s word failed? (v6)

No, because God’s promise was always to a true spiritual Israel within biological Israel not to every physical descendant of Abraham (vv6-7)

God’s miraculous promise was of Isaac, not Ishmael (vv7-9)

God’s choice not works meant he “loved” Isaac not Esau (vv10-13)

Question 2: Is God unjust? (v14)

No, as God has said, he is free to have mercy on whom he wishes to have mercy and harden whom he wishes to harden (vv14-18)

Question 3: Why does God still blame us if it’s all a matter of his irresistible will? (v19)

We creatures are not qualified to quarrel with our Creator (v20)

God the Creator has rights over his creation (v21)

God acted consistently with his nature, showing great patience and mercy making his wrath, power and glory known (vv22-24)

All this is consistent with what God had promised in his word for the salvation of the Gentiles and a remnant of Israel (vv25-29)

Question 4: What then shall we say (in conclusion)? (v30)

The Gentile believers are right to trust in Christ and pursue a righteousness that is by faith not by Law or works (vv30-33)

God can be trusted to keep all his great promises of mercy open to all in Christ

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