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Romans 8vv1-17; 28-end - some further jottings



1.     The ministry of God’s Spirit (vv1-17)

a.     The freedom of the Spirit (vv2-4)

b.     The mind of the Spirit (vv5-8)

c.      The indwelling of the Spirit (vv9-15)

d.     The witness of the Spirit (vv14-17

Ash – Romans 8 – Living Under Grace

How safe are we living under grace?

Neither sin nor suffering can defeat God’s grace

8vv1-17 – The basis of assurance in the ministry of the Spirit

8vv18-39 – Suffering with assurance of future glory

8v1 – no condemnation from the wrath of God

8v39 – no separation from the love of God

The Spirit is named 15x in vv1-17 and 4 more times in the rest of the chapter

8v1 refers back to 5vv12-21, condemnation 5v16, 18 – opposite of justification 5v16

The statement v1

The explanation v2

The explanation expanded v3

God’s purpose: why did God set us free? Vv4-6

The first way: life in the flesh vv7-8

The second way: life in the Spirit leading to resurrection vv9-11

Conclusion 1: the Christian’s obligation vv12-13

Conclusion 2: the Christian’s privilege vv14-17

V29 – foreknew – cf. Amos 3v2

Unbreakable ties to Christ vv31-39

1.     The love of God and the work of Christ vv31b-34

2.     The love of God and the love of Christ vv35-39

Vv35 and 39 repeat the word “separate”

Because Christians walk by the Spirit now, they may be sure they are heading for future glory.

To be a real Christian means:

1.     To be under new management (vv1-8)

2.     … who gives us new hope for our bodies (vv9-11)

3.     … and guarantees us a great inheritance (vv12-17)

To be a real Christian means:

1.     No condemnation, because of the sacrifice of God the Son (vv1-4)

2.     Resurrection hope, because of the indwelling of God the Spirit (vv5-11)

3.     Present assurance in the security of God the Father (vv12-17)

1.     Christian security rests on the already paid penalty for sin (vv31-34)

2.     … and this proves the unbreakable love of God in Christ (vv35-39)

Vaughan Roberts:


Christ took the penalty for sin

The Spirit breaks the power of sin


Two truths:

The Spirit has given the Christian a new heart (vv5-9)

The Spirit will give Christians a new body (vv10-11)

Two applications:

We can be holy

We can have hope


Two further consequences of the Spirit’s work in us:

The Spirit gives us a whole relationship to sin – we are now sin’s enemies (vv12-13)

The Spirit gives us a whole new relationship to God – we are now God’s children (vv14-17)


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