Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ready to die for Christ

An extraordinary story read on Facebook:

"The pioneer missionaries traveling inland Africa did not expect a long life. They were normally young people in their twenties who knew that their ministry would last for a year or two before they succumbed to disease. Consequently they would pack all their belongings not into a suitcase, but in a coffin, and then set sail to Africa. These coffins standing on end with shelves inserted made great cupboards apparently, until required for duties!

The decision to step onto the ship with your coffin can be understood only by appreciating the depth of their conviction that death was not the end, and that such decisions were part of God’s plan to bring back the King to reign ’where the righteous dwells’ . 2Pet 3:13 "

(Discipleship Matters by Peter Maiden, IVP UK 2015,pg 44)

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