Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good News

I have decided that The Revd Dr Joe Book is worth listening to.

He makes the interesting point here that we might say that the first good news in the Bible is that God has created a very good world. This is very important for understanding the gospel. Salvation is not an escape from creation / physicality / flesh. "Mind" or disembodied "spirit" are not the ultimate goal.

Boot's wider point is that the Gospel cannot be reduced to a headline or even to the cross, resurrection and Parousia. The whole story from creation to new creation is really needed if we are to understand and appreciated the goodness of the good news and its implications. We need to understand the nature of the Fall if we are to appreciate the Redemption. The gospel is about time, history and events. It is not merely an idea. We should expect the gospel to impact everything.

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