Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thoroughly equiped for every good work (2 Tim 3:17)

Paul is laying it on thick here, isn’t he?

The Bible thoroughly equips us for every good work

It doesn’t just partially equip us.

And it doesn’t just equip us for come good works.

It thoroughly equips us for every good work.

Of course the Bible doesn’t tell you how to make a soufflé or fix a Skoda.

But it tells us what to believe and how to live.

This is the doctrine of The Sufficiency of Scripture.

The Bible is God’s complete and sufficient word to us.

It tells us all we need to know about God, salvation and Christian living.

It answers every moral question in principle, although we need to wrestle to understand and apply it.

Sometimes the Bible tells us to use our minds.

It tells us to look at creation.

It tells us we need Bible teachers and the whole church.
And prayer.

But it is the only and sufficient Word of God to us.
God hasn't left us in the dark.
His word is light to our path and enables us to walk by faith.

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