Thursday, October 22, 2015

How To Benefit From The Bible

So, this Sunday (like all Sundays!) is Bible Sunday.

What practical tips / advice would you give on how people can benefit from the Bible? What practices and resources would you recommend?

Pray! Plan! Try different stuff, find what helps you, variety?

The sermon – in so far as it is faithful to the Bible, it is the Word of God - - re-read the passages – discuss

Personal Bible reading, study, memorisation

Little and often – e.g. a Psalm most days; OT, NT & Ps a day

Family / Household Bible times

1 to 1 / small group

Homegroups etc.

A wealth of resources for all ages - -

A good modern translation (NIV) – different versions – - e.g. ESV Study Bible, The Message (paraphrase)

Audio Bibles – David Suchet – in car, while ironing -

Bible reading notes / study guides / commentaries

Some include the Bible text, some undated

Scripture Union

Good Book Company – Explore, Engage, Icthus File etc.

Bible in a year / record what you read - Notebook and pen

Songs with the text of Scripture – versions of the Psalms -

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