Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sacramental names

Though I've tried to spend quite a bit of time thinking about the sacraments (especially the Lord's Supper) and what might be called the "sacramental" (and especially whether or not the Bible might be said to be sacramental) I confess that I think the idea of "sacramental names" is new to me:

Among the classified names of the Bible are those known as sacramental names, and are so-called because they were names given by God Himself, or under His inspiration in association with a particular promise, covenant or declaration of His, as to the character, destiny or mission of those distinctly named. Thus a sacramental name became a sign and seal of an established covenant between God and the recipient of such a name. Two Bible characters bearing sacramental names are Abraham and Sarah, both of which signify the gracious purposes and promises of God.
Herbert Lockyer (1886-1984), All The Women of The Bibe (Zondervan, 1988) Chapter 2 (emphasis added)

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