Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Wrong Wise Mans

If you intend to attend divine worship in the parishes Warbleton or Boble Street Green this Lord's Day, you may wish to look away now.

Some jottings for a normal sermon and an all age talk for Epiphany on the Visit of the Magi:

(See also here, here, here and here)

The Wrong People (Wrong Nationality, Wrong Jobs)
The Wrong Method
The Wrong Place
The Wrong Time
The Wrong Person
The Wrong Question
The Wrong Results
The Wrong Attitude
The Wrong Gifts

God Welcomes Wrong People Who Get It Wrong (more than that he deliberately and especially draws them)

Come and Welcome & Give Thanks – we are wrong ‘uns too

Draw in other wrong ‘uns – and be prepared to change!

There will be pictures!


Thomas Renz said...

I like your simple list better than my double-points but I struggle with "wrong question" (which is partly responsible for my more complex phrasing) and "wrong attitude".

Marc Lloyd said...

Yes, I fully accept that "not quite right" would be better than "wrong" but it makes a less good heading. Maybe "Questionable" would be okay?"Ify" maybe. I might drop a few of the points as it could be a long talk otherwise.

Thomas Renz said...

Well, Jesus is born to be more than king of the Jews but they had no grounds for thinkingh this, so I cannot see anything really wrong with the question. Or maybe you're thinking of something else?

Marc Lloyd said...

No, no hidden depths here I'm afraid. I wonder what O'Donnovan meant by it. Maybe only wrong from the POV of the Jewish establishment. I guess one could also ask what they meant by "king".

Thomas Renz said...

I need to think a bit more about what I most want people to take away, then maybe it will be a wrong, worng, wrong...right sequence, possibly even "right question"!