Saturday, October 04, 2014

In need of a sermon?

writing in The Spectator says that "a bookish vicar could glean a sermon from any one of three new novels — by Ian McEwan, Michel Faber and Marilynne Robinson — in each of which the Bible is central. Faber’s book is said to be a science-fiction caper in which the holy book is exported to another planet, where alien inhabitants give it an enthusaistic reception. McEwan’s is a rationalist refutation of literalist Bible reading. Marilynne Robinson’s stance is likely to be the most subtle, measured and intellectually engaging."

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Thomas Renz said...

I loved Gilead which I only read this year. I have not got round to read any of the others but Lila is now very high up on my want-read list. See also the review at