Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lessons from Judges 1:1-2:5

God is in control and uses even the messy and the inexplicable.

God's power.

Victories come from God not ultimately from superior skills or numbers.

God's people can expect triumph when they do his will in his way.

God's work does not depend on any human being, not on our leaders or heros.

Total obedience to God's Word even when it feels hard or strange.

Don't think you know better than God. No pragmatism at the expense of principle.

No compromise with sin or with Godlessness.

The seriousness of sin and the reality of the coming judgement. The justice of God.

The need to throw in one's lot with God and his people.

God's blessing come when we work together in unity. Mutual help.

God is patient and merciful. He warns and stands ready to forgive.

Sin has painful sometimes disasterous sometimes unintended consequences.

Emotional repentance is good and fine as is expression of faith and devotion, but they must be real and lasting and applied in action.

We need new hearts, the power of the Spirit, forgiveness, rescue, a Saviour-King, Christ.

(With thanks to my homegroup, Dale Ralph Davis, Judges - Christian Focus - & The Good Book co., The Good The Bad and The Ugly).

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