Thursday, February 11, 2010

Piper on Lewis

I know he's a bit kinda trendy in some Christian circles, and a bit of a charismatic, and American, and baptistic!, and wrong on the Millenium and... but I must say I very much like John Piper. I've been enjoying half listening to and 1/3 watching his talk from The Desiring God Conference on Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul - Joy, Absolute Truth and what Lewis did for Piper.

The manuscript and audio of John Piper's "Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul: Learning from the Mind and Heart of C. S. Lewis" are now up.

Towards the end of his message, Piper lists 8 lessons—apart from the major lesson on joy—that Lewis has taught him. They are, as titled,

  1. Liberation from False Dichotomies
  2. Liberation from Chronological Snobbery
  3. The Wakening of Wonder at What Is Really There
  4. The Perils of Introspection
  5. The Incompleteness of Duty Without Delight
  6. The Painful Value of Self-Knowledge
  7. Story Is Great—But Not Everything
  8. The Glory of Simply Being Human

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