Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Speak up at the back there!

Our church services are pretty liturgical and the liturgy is good stuff - most of it from the Bible or there abouts. So let's do it approprietly: loudly, enthusiasticly for the creed, as if we really do believe it, hearty deepfelt "Amen"s, air-punching, "Lift Up Your Hearts" cheers, that sort of thing. Maybe we need to practice our war cries. Perhaps see how they do it down the football stadium.

As Revd Douglas Wilson puts it:

Those against liturgical worship will often caricature it as lifeless, cold, and dead. But too often the friends of open liturgy do everything they can to confirm the many prejudices. They mutter the creed, instead of wanting to shout it from the housetops. They mumble through psalms or hymns, rather than singing them the way they were written to be sung. The organist thinks her job description is to be a ball and chain attached to any hymn that threatens to get too robust. Instead of roaring amen at the conclusion of prayers, the corporate sentiment appears to be huh" (Mother Kirk, p. 151).

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