Thursday, May 31, 2007

Postmodern attack on Liberty of Indifference

Often overlooked… is the… postmodern claim that “what you want” is not entirely up to you. Both biological nature and social environment program you to want some things and not others and to perceive only certain objects and only in certain ways…. You are a product of power…

Aichele, George, The Control of Biblical Meaning: Canon as Semiotic Mechanism (Harrisburg, Trinity Press, 2001), p17

Some contemporary evidence for types of social and biological determination may help to make the claim that there is no such thing as liberty of indifference, only liberty of spontaneity, more credible and comprehensible to those who find it difficult. My choices are real and are really mine, even if who I am is a product of all sorts of factors, such as my genes, my upbringing, my creation, my living in God’s world under his sovereign rule.

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