Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mrs Lloyd plays on Radio 4

You can listen again to Mrs Lloyd playing part of a Haydn piano sonata on Radio 4's Sunday programme using the BBC website.

There's also an interview with Revd Professor David Peterson about Oak Hill and discussion of evangelicalism in the Church of England more generally arising out of the 'changes' at Wycliffe Hall. There's also mention of the AOCM survey about bias in suggesting which colleges ordinands should attend and contributions from WATCH, Fulcrum and Anglican Mainstream.

I thought the item was from about 34-43 mins in, but I may well have been baffled by the technology.

Here's their blurb:

Conflict at Wycliffe Hall
Wycliffe Hall is one of the Church of England's main theological colleges, the home of Anglican evangelicals, and it is not a happy place. Soon after a new head arrived a third of the staff is reported to have resigned and there are claims that the staff generally feels bullied and intimidated. It is also claimed that the Thought For the Day contributor, Elaine Storkey, has been threatened with disciplinary action, and the former Principal, the Rev Professor Alister McGrath is said to have no longer any connection with the college. Now is this just a little local difficulty, a question of incompatible personalities, or does it mark a change of direction, a move to a more conservative expression of evangelism within the Church? Roger is joined by the Guardian's religious affairs correspondent, Stephen Bates.
Listen (4m 0s)


ros said...

I feel I should point out that there is no e in Haydn.

Marc Lloyd said...

Thanks, Ros. Huh. I was wondering whether or not it should have an "a"!