Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New In Cyberspace

I have been aiming to keep my devoted readers, both of them, informed of the latest Oak Hill blogging.

Now you can see inside Andrew's head at:


So far (since Saturday), Mr T has thought on some highlights from The Pilgrim's Progress and observations on our often funerial manner of "celebrating" the Lord's Supper.

I always try to recline (influenced by the Beloved Disciple) after recieving the elemenst, by the way. I agree with the spirit of Andy's post: a big satisfied grin and an upward took seems better to me that more frownig and staring at one's shoe-laces.

And maybe in the future we can expect Towner's mind to turn to great thoughts on how to use the Psalms in gathered worship, and perhaps some fruit from all that toil on The Lord's Day service of Worship as covenantal renewal?

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