Thursday, January 05, 2017

Ordinary time

This Sunday I might say something about the church year.

I am no expert on its origin or meaning but I think it is a jolly good thing that the church has some Ordinary time.

To be sure each Sunday is a special celebration of the resurrection. And there are seasons of festivity of all sorts. Great.

But much of life is ordinary, isn't it? For many of us it is often mundane, sometimes menial. Christian discipleship is often a matter of simple and humble obedience where God has put me for the time being, to the obvious tasks that come to hand. Life has its ordinary daily needs of eating, cleaning, washing and so on which must always be attended to. And growth often comes from a long and unspectacular obedience in the same direction. It means reading my Bible (which I have read before) again today. Praying, perhaps some of the same prayers. Relating to my sometimes all too familiar family which still has the same foibles. There are few quick fixes. Every day there is me! 

The ordinary matters and is significant.

It is possible, essential even, to serve God in the ordinary.

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