Friday, September 09, 2016

Productivity tools

I read Getting Things Done a few years ago and found it immensely helpful but I am not as diligent at using its systems as I should be.

I've been reading Tim Challies' helpful little Christian book on productivity, Do More Better.

He suggests you need 3 main tools:

(1) A task management tool. For this I have a notebook but I often fail to review it as much as I should or to write everything in it. There are also some Postit notes on my desk right now and a pile of papers on the floor I need to get to.

(2) A scheduling tool - a calendar or diary. For this I use a paper diary, which seems to work pretty well and is often faster than the electronic devices other people sometimes use. Though it might be handy to have something Mrs Lloyd could easily look at or add to say online rather than waiting till I'm back home or indeed one of us having to go and fetch it!

(3) An information tool. For this I have a filling cabinet, a very messy desk, the computer and some use of notebook and diary.

Challis recommends doing all this digitally using:

(1) Todoist

(2) Google Calendar

(3) Evernote

Does anyone have any experience of using these?


Paul Huxley said...

Spoilers! I've just started reading as well (I'm guessing you got it on the kindle version sale - me too).

1) No - but have extensively used asana which is great for this.
2) Yes, but only I look at it. Useful for setting reminders before events to remind you to do something (e.g. write a messy church talk)
3) Yes, use evernote - but mostly for creative projects, and only on a free account. Evernote can also be used for 1, if you really want - see

It's crucial if using a task tool to get everything in there as quickly as possible, and not on sticky notes, emails etc.

Marc Lloyd said...

Thanks, Paul. I think I would begrudge being locked into a monthly payment for any of these things. I am pleased with my lifetime membership of LibraryThing and diligently use that.