Sunday, July 10, 2016

Romans 5:12-21 handout

Romans 5:12-21 (p1132) – The Trespass & The Gift

Alternative sermon from 22nd Feb 2015 at:

Spot the difference – compare & contrast:

Similarity: 2 men who determine the whole of human history (vv18-19)

2 very different actions, results, destinies (vv15-16)

V12 – What is the “therefore” there for? – link to the argument so far

Implicit question: How is it that the death of (the one man) Jesus can effect the justification and reconciliation of all who trust in him?

(1) THE TRESPASS: Adam’s sin brought death and condemnation to all

Paul assumes that Adam was a literal historical individual

One sin made many sinners (v19) and lead to many sins (v12, v16)

A challenge to our individualism and supposed autonomy

The universal reign of death (vv12, 14-15, 17, 21; Gen 2:17; Rom 6:23)

The role of the Old Testament law: the law defined and magnified sin (vv13, 20)

(2) THE GIFT: Christ’s obedience brings life and righteousness to many

God’s more abundant overflowing grace (v15, 17)

Christ’s saving work can deal with many trespasses (v16)

So what? Receive the gift – trust in Christ – and 6v1-2, 11-14

(See also – You are one with Adam; will you be one with Jesus Christ?)

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