Thursday, May 05, 2016

An Ascension Day Sermon Idea

What would you say were the most significant events or the great turning points of history?


For the Christian, that ought to be a fairly simple question. The great events of history are:

New Creation

The author and director and centre of human history is Jesus Christ. We could discuss each of those four great moments with reference to him. But that is another sermon. Or perhaps another sermon series.

What if we zero in on the history of Jesus?

We would have:

His eternal heavenly reign
His incarnation, birth and life
His death
His resurrection
His ascension
and his return.

So, today, what of the ascension, that great moment in the history of the world and in the history of Jesus, which millions celebrate today, but of which millions are ignorant?

Perhaps even as we celebrate it, we don't really grasp it's meaning - we are not gripped by it.

[Discuss meaning of ascension especially in relation to the other moments of Jesus' life and world history]

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