Thursday, April 21, 2016

There's a place where the streets shine

In a couple of week's time I am planning to preach on Revelation 21-22. I am wondering if we should sing 'There's a place where the streets shine'.

It's hard to know how much to quibble with song words. One wants to allow some poetic licence. And in introducing them the service leader has to make a judgement call about how much to explain, or perhaps explain away.

From the point of view of Revelation 21-22, There Will Be A Place Where The Streets Shine might have been more accurate since the text speaks of the New Creation and a New Jerusalem coming down to earth from heaven.

The line 'we can live there beyond time' might cause confusion. I don't think we should regard heaven or the new creation as a timeless eternality. We will always be temporal creatures. We would have to understand that line as 'we can live there beyond the ravages of time' or with unlimited time, everlastingly.

And personally I have my reservations about dancing ('we'll dance together / In the city of our God')! Perhaps my two left feet will be transformed. In any case, I guess there'll be plenty of time to practice.

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