Friday, June 12, 2015

Bible Praise & Worship Songs

Mrs Lloyd currently has a Seeds Family Worship CD in her car, which I drove today.

At times it sounds like a fairly bog standard modern praise and worship CD, which sometimes I can take or leave.

But the great difference is that Seed Family Worship draws directly from the words of the Bible.

So I found this rather changed how I listened to it. Here is authoritative, normative prayer and praise. Although not every Psalm might totally suit me (considered in myself) or my circumstances right now, here are words on which I can confidently depend - words of light and life, sweet and precious, which can make wise the simple. These are not words which I have to evaluate: do I agree with that? Is that right? Rather, these are words that weigh me, words before which to bow. I can imbibe these words in a way in which it would be foolish to listen to any merely human words, praying that they would re-shape and mould me into a person more like the Blessed Man of Psalm 1 or someone who has benefitted from Psalm 19.

I hope to drive Mrs Lloyd's car again soon.

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