Saturday, September 20, 2014

Exodus 19 - some headings

At some points I'm not quite sure whom I'm plagiarising here(!) nor why Blogger insists on having it all in bold, but there you go:

(1)   Vv1-9 – God renews his covenant to make a holy nation

The basis, purpose and privileges of the covenant

(2)   Vv10-end – God reveals his character to show he’s a holy God 

The status of God’s people: a treasured possession (v5)

The mission of God’s people: a kingdom of priests (v6)

The method of this mission: a holy nation (v6)

(1)   What God has already done for his people v4 - redeemed them by his grace for relationshio with hin
(2)   What God requires of his people - V5, v7ff - Covenant faithfulness, obedient trust
Cleansing / consecration
(3)   What God plans to do through his people - V6 - use them as priests for the sake of the world  

John Samuel's headings:

God’s special people with a special purpose:

God’s people: are powerfully rescued (v4)
Personally met (v4)
Uniquely privileged (v5)

God’s purity (vv10-13)
God’s power (v16-19)

This affects our lips and our lives (1 Peter 2:9)

Hugh Palmer's headings:

God’s people are a people of grace, privilege and purpose

And for your interest, James Jordan sees here a stress on:
(1)   Persons - vv3-8 
(2)   Words – v9 
(3)   Sacrament – vv10-15 

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