Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moses & Christ

God's chosen man, the Rescuer and Mediator is waery and fainting on a hill with a man on either side of him, with his arms raised up and spread out with a piece of wood between them. By staying there in that position he wins a victory on behalf of God's people and their enemies are defeated. That's Jesus on the cross and Moses in Exodus 17:8-16, right? I wonder if there's some good Christian art out there that reflects that interpretation? And maybe someone would like to look up The Classical Christian Commentary on Exodus for me, please?


Both Moses and Christ bear the rod of God's judgement.

James Jordan argues that Moses the Prophet Mediator is flanked by Aaron the Priest and Hur the King. This, of course, points us to Jesus, the Mediator, the prophet, priest and king.

The Cherubim likewise carry God on their wings. The priests have to carry the ark.

The stone represents the world, mountain of God, altar. This is the place of sacrifice.

Moses holds up his hands until sunset. According to Gen 1 the sun governs the day. This is the Day of the Lord, the Lord’s Day. The Sun of Righteousness arises like a bridegroom bursting forth and defeats his enemies.We live in the gospel day of the Lord in which God is defeating his enemies and putting all things under Christ through his people depending on Christ.


James Oakley said...

Careful, though.

It's not an exact allegory, is it? (Did you also get the benefit of David Helm last May?)

So what do you do with Joshua having to fight down below? And who are the two people holding up Jesus' arms?

Presumably, you'd want to work out the significance of the scene in Exodus 17 (taking Exodus as a coherent, is not total-canon, literary context), before rushing forwards to the obvious "Oh, look, that reminds me of..."

Marc Lloyd said...

Thanks for that, James.

What's teh Helm to which you refer, please?

The people are fighting just as we seek to live for Christ but the battle belongs to the Lord. The text suggests that the outcome is entirely determined by Moses' arms. If you like, the people's fighting is not the meritorious or effectual grounds of their salvation.

Oh, and I forgot to say, of course, Jesus could not carry his own cross either but needed Simon of Cyrene to hold it up for him.

If you have anything to say on this passage in Ex of course I am all ears.

James Oakley said...

Dave Helm was speaking at the two PT Ministers' Conferences last April / May. He had a wonderful knack of relaying familiar teaching from RCL on the importance of expository teaching that lets the text talk, and that speaks organically of Christ, yet using fresh ways to explain that somehow got "under the radar".

Much of what he said came from his new (rather small) book, Expositional Preaching, published by IX Marks.

Marc Lloyd said...

I have wondered about getting that book. Sounds like you would reccomend it. Is Expositional exactly the same as Expository, by the way?