Thursday, March 14, 2013

Further jottings on this coming Sunday's lectionary Gospel

Thoughts on the anointing of Jesus from John 12 stolen from or provoked by Steve Levy’s sermon from last Sunday:

Reclining with Jesus at a meal the picture of the resurrection hope of a great feast, being yourself with your feet up.

This anointing of Jesus shows that he is the anointed one: a pint of perfume is poured out on the one on whom the Spirit of God is poured out without measure. As the fragrance fills the whole house, so the Spirit flows from Jesus to fill the world.

The woman pours herself out at Jesus’ feet, who will be poured out for her. As the perfume flows out, so Jesus’ blood will flow out for her and for many.

She bows before Jesus and lays her all at Jesus’ feet. The only way to come to Jesus is completely, wholeheartedly.

The woman takes on the aroma of Jesus. Jesus covers over the stench of our sin. The woman cannot cover her sin any longer, as a teenage boy might try to hide his stink with deodorant. The same anointing that comes on Jesus comes on her: she is united with him and takes on his life. It is as if the woman dies and lives again with Christ.

Jesus is her advocate, her defender.

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