Friday, February 15, 2013

Husbands, get your wives to submit to you

The Bible doesn't say that!

Wives ought to submit to / obey their husbands.

But its not the husband's job to "get his wife to submit" - at least not directly! Telling your wife to do so is unlikely to work. You shouldn't try to "make her", and in any case you can't since submission is a matter of heart, spirit and demeaner not outward conformity. A wife who does as she's told and rages against you inside isn't gonna be much fun!

The husband's duty is clear: love your life as Christ loves the church - with all her sins and imperfections. And with yours! And do all the other stuff that flows from that, like provide and protect and so on. And probably buy flowers and chocolates at regular intervals and tell her how lovely she looks.

In short, the husband ought to try to be Christlike - the kind of husband to whom its not so hard to submit.


ros said...

It's also much easier to submit when your husband isn't being an idiot. Make wise choices.

Marc Lloyd said...

Indeed. Do not be an idiot! Excellent advice.

And of course "leadership" is not the same as arbitary dispotic dictatorship. If his wife knows better, presumably he ought to decide that they'll do what she thinks best!