Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jesus Serves

John 13. Jesus serves - and so saves. (1) The master serves self-sacrificially (2) so similarly the servants should serve selflessly

It might be good to be able to reduce all sermons to 140 chrs Tweets?! cf. Proc Trust / Cornhill theme and aim sentences

Some further jottings so far:

In fact, Jesus saves by serving

(1) The Master Serves Self-Sacrificially

Real love is expressed in practical, down to earth, nitty gritty, undignified, menial, humble, self-sacrificial undignified service

The kind of thing a servant does, a slave – e.g. 19th Century costume drama, carrying luggage about, setting the fire, bringing breakfast in bed, cleaning the muddy boots - an aristocratic guest to the house would never do such a thing. The servants would be shocked at the idea, let alone the family or the other guests.

Service comes from strength.

Power empowers us to be / seem weak.

Dignity leads to humility. True dignity does not stand on its dignity.

We have the right to give up our rights, and we are right to do so.

Greatness leads to putting yourself last.

And putting yourself last leads to greatness.

Jesus serves us in his incarnation, life, death and resurrection

Servants need the master to serve them.

If servants will not accept the masters service they are not and cannot be true servants

(1) So The Servants Should Serve Similarly

No servant is greater than his master so if the master served the servants, how much more should the servants serve the servants

(We serve the (absent) master by serving the servants)

Not just the hidden humble jobs in the limelight!

Not just lip-service to self-sacrificail humble service! Urriah Heap - ever so humble. Not seeking a reputation for humility.

Not just words, or the grand gesture, or the promise of future service or in the big things of life but in the daily nitty gritty grind of the moment by moment little things of life we must love and act as Jesus has done

If we don't do it here in this now, we'll never do it there in that then. Martyrdom starts here, now, in this.

What Did Jesus Do?

What will we do?

We need Jesus forgiveness and help and the power of the Spirit.

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