Friday, August 06, 2010

Worth knowing

Before, God-willing, I become an Incumbent, I think I might re-read The Canons of the Church of England. There's lots of interesting useful stuff worth knowing. For example, B20.2 Of the musicians and music of the Church is quite helpful:

Where there is an organist, choirmaster or director of music the minister shall pay due heed to his advice and assistance in the choosing of chants, hymns, anthems, and other settings, and in the ordering of the music of the church; but at all times the final responsibility and decision in these matters rests with the minister.


Paul said...

I would have highlighted this bit:

the minister shall pay due heed.

However, you're quite right in highlighting that the minister should take the blame for anything that goes wrong with the music.

Marc Lloyd said...

:) Do you speak as a musician, by any chance?

I should have said emphasis added!