Saturday, April 15, 2006

NT For Everyone

Tom Wright is writing a guide to every NT book for everyone – and he seems to have almost finished. It’s a noble project which will be of service to the church.

I’ve just finished reading Paul For Everyone: Romans part 1: chapters 1-8 and it’s been good stuff. It’s made me want to read Wright’s big commentary on Romans (in the New Interpreter’s Bible – though I’m not so sure I need the other works in the volume), and I’ve ordered a few Tom Wright books from Amazon (on Scripture, Discipleship, The New Perspective, Basic Christianity etc.).

There are lots of resources for NT studies at, including some articles by Craig Blomberg, Rich Lusk, Mark Horne and Douglas Wilson that look worth a look.

Anyway, I reckon Wright on Romans did good to my soul. The little readings are only 4 or 5 pages and there’s a fresh translation and a useful glossary. Often Wright kicks off with an anecdote or set piece illustration, which I didn’t think always worked. I sometimes wanted him to get on with it. But the book is, on the whole, readable and engaging. No study questions are included but this might be the kind of thing you might want to put into the hands of your home group leaders.

I know some of The Banner of Truth boys aren’t crazy for Wright and The Briefing has some reservations, I think, but I’m not sure I’m convinced this particular Bishop of Durham is really a dangerous heretic.

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Liam Beadle said...

I found the Bishop's little book on Mark to be nourishing to the soul, too; and his sermon on Maundy Thursday morning in Durham Cathedral was a very efficient rebuke of creeping Marcionism at the same time as being an encouragement to walk the way of the cross. I am increasingly convinced that this particular Bishop of Durham is A Good Thing.